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Proxy Passthrough Plugin
The Proxy Plugin can be used to forward http(s) requests from specific urls to another host. For example, if you want to forward requests from one realm to another realm, or to another web server, you can use the proxy pass through plugin.
This functionality enables realms to act as a proxy to forward URL requests to any host that accepts http(s) connections.
Once you have created the proxy plugin on the interface you require it on, you can then select it from the plugins panel for the selected interface and enter values as you wish for the configuration parameters.
The proxy plugin requires configuration information relating to the host and port that requests will be forwarded to. Below is a table that shows each configuration parameter and describes what it is used for.
Parameter Name
Default Value
Host name of the process that requests for the URL will be forwarded to
Port on which the requests will be sent to the host
The image below shows the enterprise manager interface panel with an nhp interface running on port 9005 on the realm called 'node1'. This interface has a proxy Plugin configured to redirect requests from this interface using the URL path of "/" and will forward these requests to the File and XML plugins located on the 'productionmaster' realm nhp0 interface running on port 80.
From a browser, it is now possible to enter the url 'http://localhost:9005/xml/' which will redirect this request to the interface on the productionmaster realm interface running on port 8080. This will actually display the details of the productionmaster realm delivered through the XML plugin defined within the XML Plugin (see XML Plugin) help page. The image below demonstrates the browser view of the http request made and the results of the redirect to the productionmaster realm.
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