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Channel Editing
This section describes the process of editing the attributes of a Universal Messaging channel.
Editing channels using the Enterprise Manager enables you to change specific attributes for a channel, such as name, event time to live (TTL), capacity, channel keys or even the realm on which the channel exists.
When a channel is edited, its attributes and any events found on the channel will be copied into a temporary channel, the old channel is then removed and then the new channel is created. The original events are then copied from the temporary channel onto the new channel.
In order to edit a channel select it in the namespace and then after right-clicking on the node, a menu will be displayed with the various options for a channel node. The image below shows this menu.
By selecting the 'Edit Channel' option, you will be presented with a dialog that allows you to modify the details of the channel. These details not only include the channel attributes, but also the realm to which the channel exists. The image below shows the edit channel dialog.
The image shows a drop down list containing all the names of the realms that the enterprise manager is currently connected to. By selecting a realm name from the list, it is possible to move the selected channel to any of the available realms. Clicking on the 'OK' button will perform the edit operation on the channel.
There are also a number of Storage Properties associated with the channel which can be configured by clicking the "Edit..." button to the right of "Storage Properties".
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