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Provider for JMS
JMS Client SSL Configuration
Application Server Integration (JBoss)
JMS Message / Event Mapping
JMS Message Type Conversion
Fanout Engine
Resource Adapter for JMS
Universal Messaging Enterprise Server includes support for JMS functionality such as topics and queues.
The pluggable communications drivers enable JMS to be used on public, private and wireless networks transparently. JMS functionality can be delivered over normal TCP/IP based sockets, SSL enabled sockets, HTTP and HTTPS. When supporting JMS using HTTP or HTTPS, Universal Messaging can traverse proxy servers, network address translation devices and it does not require either any additional web server to perform.
JMS message selector support is offered via Universal Messaging's high performance server side message filtering engine. This ensures that only messages with content that your clients register an interest in are delivered over the network thus conserving network bandwidth.
JMS Topics correspond to channels in Universal Messaging publish / subscribe, and JMS Queues correspond to queues in Universal Messaging message queues.
This guide describes the programmatic steps you can take in order to use Universal Messaging Provider for JMS. There is also a section that will help you discover how to perform administration of JMS objects in the Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager section.
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