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Code Examples
Pub/Sub Channels
Pub/Sub Datagroups
Message Queues
Administration API
Provider for JMS
Channel / Queue / Realm Management
Pub / Sub - Channels
The following are self-contained pub / sub examples which include full application source code:
*Java Client: Channel Publisher
*Java Client: Transactional Channel Publisher
*Java Client: Asynchronous Channel Consumer
*Java Client: Synchronous Channel Consumer
*Java Client: Asynchronous Named Channel Consumer
*Java Client: Synchronous Named Channel Consumer
*Java Client: XML Channel Publisher
*Java Client: Asynchronous XML Channel Consumer
*Java Client: Event Delta Delivery
*Java Client: Batching Server Calls
*Java Client: Batching Subscribe Calls
Pub / Sub - DataGroups
The following are self-contained nirvana DataGroup examples which include full application source code:
*Java Client: DataStream Listener
*Java Client: DataGroup Publishing with Conflation
*Java Client: DataGroup Manager
*Java Client: Delete DataGroup
*Java Client: DataGroup Delta Delivery
Message Queues
The following are self-contained message queue examples which include full application source code:
*Java Client: Queue Publisher
*Java Client: Transactional Queue Publisher
*Java Client: Asynchronous Queue Consumer
*Java Client: Asynchronous Transactional Queue Consumer
*Java Client: Synchronous Queue Consumer
*Java Client: Synchronous Transactional Queue Consumer
*Java Client: Peek events on a Queue
*Java Client: Requester - Request/Response
*Java Client: Responder - Request/Response
Universal Messaging Administration API
The following are self-contained examples of Universal Messaging's Administration API which include full application source code:
*Java Client: Add a Queue ACL Entry
*Java Client: Modify a Channel ACL Entry
*Java Client: Delete a Realm ACL Entry
*Java Client: Add a Schedule to a Universal Messaging Realm
*Java Client: Simple authentication server
*Java Client: Monitor realms for cluster creation, and cluster events
*Java Client: Monitor realms for client connections coming and going
*Java Client: Copy a channel and its events
*Java Client: Monitor the remote realm log and audit file
*Java Client: Export a realm to XML
*Java Client: Import a realm's configuration information
*Java Client: Console-based Realm Monitor
*Java Client: Delete Service ACL
*Java Client: Realm Monitor
Universal Messaging Provider for JMS
The following are self-contained JMS examples which include full application source code:
*Java Client: JMS BytesMessage Publisher
*Java Client: JMS BytesMessage Subscriber
*Java Client: JMS MapMessage Publisher
*Java Client: JMS MapMessage Subscriber
*Java Client: JMS ObjectMessage Publisher
*Java Client: JMS ObjectMessage Subscriber
*Java Client: JMS StreamMessage Publisher
*Java Client: JMS StreamMessage Subscriber
*Java Client: JMS BytesMessage Queue Publisher
*Java Client: JMS BytesMessage Queue Subscriber
*Java Client: JMS Queue Browser
Universal Messaging Channel / Queue / Realm Management
The following are self-contained Universal Messaging client examples which include full application source code:
*Java Client: Creating a Channel
*Java Client: Deleting a Channel
*Java Client: Creating a Queue
*Java Client: Deleting a Queue
*Java Client: Create a Channel Join
*Java Client: Delete a Channel Join
*Java Client: Purge events from a channel
*Java Client: Find the event id of the last event
*Java Client: Add a realm to another realm
*Java Client: Multiplex a Session
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