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my-Channels presents at Silverlight 3: See the Light | Jan 2014
Microsoft Greece has invited our own Alex Kritikos to present at this year's second developers event, Silverlight 3: See the Light.

Nirvana 5.5 Released | Nov 2013
The world's most advanced internet streaming server delivers a host of new features

Real Time Location Sensitive Filtering with Nirvana | Nov 2013
Nirvana includes full support for location-based filtering. Learn how to use client-supplied coordinates to subscribe to geographically-tagged data.

Mobile Access to Single Dealer Portals | Nov 2013
Paul Brant discusses the benefits of native versus browser applications when delivering real-time data to Mobile devices.

Nirvana 6.0 Early Access | Dec 2010
Early Access Version of Nirvana 6.0 Released

Use Nirvana Clusters for Failover and High Availability | Jun 2010
Nirvana's built-in support for Active/Active Clusters provides seamless failover and load balancing for your applications.

Using Stomp with Nirvana | Apr 2010
Learn how to build a simple Stomp client that publishes and subscribes to a Nirvana Realm.

Eurobank Powers Credit Systems With Nirvana | Apr 2010
Eurobank deploys Nirvana to streamline loan and credit card operations.

WebSocket - A Streaming Technology for Browser Scripting | Mar 2010
Find out our take on the pros and cons of WebSockets in a real-time messaging environment.

Single Dealer Platform Nirvana | Mar 2010
Leading Single Dealer Platforms choose Nirvana for Real-Time Messaging.

Nirvana for Compact Framework Released | Feb 2010
Nirvana ported to Microsoft .NET Compact Framework in addition to Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and J2ME.

Nirvana for Android™ Released | Dec 2009
Nirvana's mobile reach extended to Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and J2ME.

New iPhone API released | Jul 2009
my-Channels release complete push capability for the iPhone.

UBS Selects Nirvana for New B2C Foreign Exchange Platform | May 2009
In April 2009, UBS selected Nirvana for its B2C foreign exchange platform.

Optimize Latency with Nirvana Direct | May 2009
Nirvana Direct enables applications to talk directly to Nirvana, bypassing network overhead.

Tullett Prebon Streams Prices to Blackberry Users with Nirvana | May 2009
In April 2009, Tullett Prebon Plc selected Nirvana for the delivery of live market data to Blackberry users.

Microsoft Silverlight API Released | May 2009
In January 2009, we released our Nirvana Silverlight API, allowing developers to create Nirvana Publish/Subscribe browser applications and RIAs using Microsoft Silverlight.

Blackberry and J2ME API Updated | Feb 2009
In February 2009, we released our latest version of the Nirvana Blackberry & J2ME API.

Adobe Flex API Released | Dec 2008
Just before Christmas 2008, we released our Nirvana Flex API, allowing developers to create Nirvana Publish/Subscribe browser applications and RIAs using Adobe Flex.

Tradespace Application released to showcase Nirvana | Dec 2008
In December 2008, we released our Tradespace showcase appication. Tradespace has been developed on web, mobile and enterprise platforms to demonstrate Nirvana's Unified Middleware credentials.